Vidhya’s Practice Diary

Hello All-


My current practice routine includes:


New Pieces 

Mozart Sonata 331- finishing up the first movement

Zdes Khorosho (Rachmaninoff/Ashkenazy)- just started

Widmung (Schumann/Liszt)- polishing up. Mostly memorized just because of all the practice time spent on it, but not close to performance ready.


Old Pieces polishing and trying to keep current. 

Schubert Impromptu 90/3

Various Chopin nocturnes 

Schubert/Liszt Standchen

As others have mentioned, it is a struggle to find time to keep old pieces in good shape while learning new pieces. To try to combat this these days, I just take a long time learning pieces to hopefully build a solid foundation before moving on to new repertoire. I also try to play memorized pieces in the morning and do new learning later in the day. 


I am looking forward to hearing the great music everyone will be playing in the community concert. I am hoping to be ready to play Standchen in the concert.

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  • So good to hear about the music you know and are working on. Your list of Old Pieces is very audience-friendly, i.e., everyone, anywhere will appreciate these. Building up that repertoire has been a priority for me over the last few years as well. Of all your repertoire, though, Widmung  would be my Number One favourite, both as a Lied and in the Liszt piano arrangement. Maybe you will convince me to learn it. 

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  • Hmmm.... I find it is too much fun to play pieces I've memorized 1st. So I force myself to practice hard new stuff 1st then as a reward, I play what I already know. Does your method of playing your memorized music 1st serve as a warm-up ? 

    • Hi Carole. Your way makes a lot of sense. For me, I need something to wake up my brain in the morning so the memorized pieces are a good warm-up. 

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