Scales Play-along practice session

Join Hilda and play along at your piano in a 45 minute practice session on scales. She'll lead a practice session to work on the B major scale (G# minor), the E-flat major scale (c minor) and the C major scale (A minor).

No need to set up your mic, but be sure that you have access to a pair of headphones or speakers on your laptop!

This is the first lead-practice session of its kind and I hope it'll turn out well. Feel free to share a clip of your practice during the session at this forum here: And, share your thoughts after the class, what worked for you and what didn't - and what you'd like to practice next time, and how you might practice better!

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  • What time is this running?

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  • No time set on the calendar or page? Looking forward to it!

    • Andrew Johnson Narelle Wilkins The session will start at 11am PT!

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    • aliceyip
    • aliceyip
    • 6 mths ago
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    Hi Hilda, 


      I am looking forward to your workshop of Scales Play-along practice session! I encountered difficulties in playing scales myself and I'm sure that it would be helpful! 


        I am currently working on Liszt Spanish Rhapsody and the chromatic scales were particularly challenging for me. I found the traditional "123" fingering a bit limiting when I try to play chromatic scales in a fast speed. Would be very grateful if you could give a little advice on that! 


       Thank you for your kind help. 



  • Thank you for the update with the time.  Unfortunately in Australia this will be 4 am our time.  Will this be recorded for us to look at later.  I notice that most of the live sessions fall between 4-6am which is very difficult - are the live sessions recorded for people that are unable to attend?

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