How to pick the RIGHT tempo (for practice and performance!)

Tempo is so important! The speeds we pick for practice and performance make a huge difference on potential success or having a challenging experience. Let's discuss this today!


Find the start time in your time zone by clicking the photo or following this event link:                               




We are going to be using this thread to gather suggestions and questions!                                                                 

  • What questions do you have on this topic?
  • Any particular area you would like me to focus on?
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    • Pauline
    • Pauline
    • 5 mths ago
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    Such a solid approach! As always, the clarity is wonderful. It was helpful to hear - in the "Thinking Ahead" category - the analogy of being like a conductor. Got it. Yes. Such precision with your recommendations...hearing the voicings ahead of time so your ears "can track" it when performing. Quite important to prevent confusion.  Excellent!


    Fun to hear the marathon/exercise analogy and the MEDIUM tempo with metronome.


    Thank you, Dominic! Thank you to everyone who asked questions, too! CK, Harriet, Olaf, Springgrass!

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