CALL FOR RECORDINGS for upcoming Virtual Masterclass with Dominic Cheli


We are delighted to open this thread for an exciting opportunity and unique virtual experience for ALL community members: The Online Virtual Masterclass!

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis (no deadline), so simply reply here with your submission anytime you have a piece or passage you would like to work on. 


A new date and time will be announced once we have 2-3 suitable submissions. So please, go ahead and submit your videos to us by replying to this very thread


  1. You send in a video of yourself performing a piece, movement of a piece, or even a passage from a piece. Alternatively, you can submit a passage of sheet music for me to give you targeted advice on.
  2. Once we have 2-3 submissions, I will run a live stream specifically for you, giving you tailor-made advice for your own playing!

It's like if we were doing an online lesson - except others get to see it and hopefully also benefit from the advice I'm giving you. 

It's basically an exact replica of an in-person masterclass: you play for a teacher (in this case through a recording), and they work with you while others watch. 


  • Have you been watching the live streams and wishing you could ask me a question relating to your playing specifically? Now is your chance!
  • Share your music with others and grow by watching them, too.
  • It's basically a free online lesson for you!


  • It can be something you recorded specifically for this, OR a preexisting recording you already have.
  • All levels are welcome! My advice will be tailored to your specific level, and in the past, we've worked with everything from beginners to full-on concert players.
  • You must be fine with other people watching the video and your performance, as it will be embedded into the live stream itself. I will start and stop it as if we were doing an actual, in-person masterclass.
  • I usually spend about 20-35 minutes per submission.
  • While I will try to feature everyone, if we get a lot of submissions, your video might not be immediately featured. In that case however, we'll run more of these very soon!


  • Submit right here, by replying to this thread!
  • You can either attach a video directly from your computer, or paste a link to a YouTube video
  • (If you opt to use a YouTube video, it can be unlisted - no need to make it public!)
  • Please also attach a link to the sheet music.


All right, this should be it! Looking forward to seeing everyone's submissions! 

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  • This is really a great opportunity. I would like to try this. Right now I am banging my head and ready to burn my piano! HA! Every time I move on from a Bach piece, and play a new one... it seem to throw everything back 40,000 light years. And it's just inventions! I am working on Bach's invention #2 now slow and rambling, along with Beethoven's Sonata Opus 79, and a couple of Schubert Waltzes... I get obsessed with the Bach because I had a fear of Bach when I was younger, so then it is all I play, then consequently everything else suffers. I suppose I should work on one thing at a time, but... I am meeting with my teacher from nearly 20 years ago, so the drive is there... but... still banging my head.  I will definitely partake! ... eventually.

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  • Hey Denise  - Just wanted to say that Inventions are hard! We pretend like they're for kids, but they're all 2-part counterpoint at or above the difficulty level of plenty of movements from Bach's major suites. So, don't bang your head too hard! The second one requires serious concentration, since it's an elaborate canon and the follower voices is trailing far behind the leader.

    Let us know if there's anything you'd like to submit. Doesn't need to be right away, and it could even be short and sweet (like a Schubert Waltz), or just one movement from Beethoven, if you're ready. Of course, no pressure!

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  • Dominic Cheli Can we get some notes on the best way to get a camera setup running so that you can provide a good critique? For example: Is it better to get the overhead setup, or from the side like the kid in Springgrass' depressing video (or how do we get both running into the same video)?

    Ben Laude I'm also struggling with Invensions, and have yet to find good instruction on how to approach them in terms of hand positioning and keeping track of myself. You guys should consider a series on them, as I'm sure there's a trick to it.

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      • Ben LaudeTeam
      • Head of Piano @ tonebase
      • Ben_Laude
      • 7 mths ago
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      Dear Steven ,


      My apologies for the delayed reply. May I ask if you're struggling with "Inversions", as in chordal inversions, or "Inventions", as in Bach's Inventions? I couldn't quite tell from your question.

      If "Inversions", please check our Juliana Han's wonderful progress track on Chords and Arpeggios. She has some wonderful down-to-earth tricks on how to approach them.


      If "Inventions", please check out my livestream tomorrow! I'll be teaching the first invention.

      • Steven
      • Steven
      • 7 mths ago
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      Ben Laude Thanks for replying! Typo on my end, I'm interested in learning Inventions (Bach et al) as a way to improve hand coordination/independence. I find them incredibly challenging (even simple 2-part works), but people make them look so easy. I suspect I am approaching the sheet incorrectly, from too much time spent on Mozart-type works.

      For what it's worth, I have trouble with:
      -> determining where my hand position should be (particularly in left hand), resulting in the feeling of chasing notes and awkward cross-overs, rather than playing within a position and transfering to a new one.
      -> Seeing the overall syntax of the piece, which really slows down my sight reading. In Classical-era pieces you can clearly see the chord you're playing over, which helps guide positioning. This issue leads into the above.

      This all culminates in me needing to brute-force memorize this type of work, rather than being able to actually play it from a sheet. Very boring, and not productive practice.

      Looking forward to the livestream tomorrow!



    Thank you very much for your offer. I'll see if I can load a copy of the Mendelssohn rondo cappriccio too. 


    You have just motivated me to practice better... thank you!!!

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  •  Dominic Cheli Ben Laude and the rest of you above: Wow, what a great idea! This could be a great motivation for me, and I'll definitely submit. But I'm going to have to muster up the courage first. I haven't played in front of people for a while. Intimidating! But exciting... :-)

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  • P.S. I forgot to say thanks for this great opportunity! You're constantly upping your game at Tonebase, and we all really appreciate everything you do here... ;-)

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  • Many thanks for this fantastic opportunity!! Please find below my renditions of the first movement of the moonlight sonata: I recorded it twice, playing it at a slightly different tempo.

    Please feel free to critique either or both, as well as indicate which one is “better.”
    (P.S. If this is offered on an ongoing basis, may I submit other pieces?)




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  • Hi Dominic, hi all,


    this sounds really like a great offer! I will also definitely submit a recording, however I would also be interested in the best way to record (setup, angle, etc.) before I give it a try!


    Kind regards


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  • Hello Dominic. This is the piece Hua hao yue yuan, a chinese traditional song arranged by Alan Bullard, from Lang Lang´s level 3 piano academy book. 

    Any comments would be much appreciated. There are one or two wrong notes, so please excuse those!

    Richard Littlewood

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  • but hold on, I can´t seem to upload  video... I´ll try and get on to that

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  • I have made a You Tube video of me playing a Rachmaninoff Prelude but I am not sure how to get it to you. Do I "share" it and if so to whom do I share it with?

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  • you have to find the www address of your youtube video and copy that into your message on the forum

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  • Thank you for your video submissions so far everyone!

    Angelina Tan  Rdstanton Richard George Littlewood

    Lisa Thomas


    These are all wonderful pieces and exactly what we are looking for in terms of submissions! What a wide variety of repertoire - I am delighted and excited to see all of your enthusiasm for this! Stay tuned as we schedule upcoming virtual masterclasses for this music.


    My only question to Richard George Littlewood  is if you could share a copy of the music to your piece so that I could have the score as a resource during the masterclass? Thanks so much!

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  • Rdstanton  You can submit ANYTHING you want, and AS MUCH as you want! We save every submission and if you keep submitting pieces/videos, we will have them ready to schedule in any upcoming virtual masterclass


    To everyone:

    The more you submit videos, the more we can help you with advice and comments to improve your playing!

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  • Steven  and Olaf


    I will schedule a livestream coming up to discuss and answer any questions that you may have regarding "at home" recording setups. It is not too complicated but I want to be able to help you feel comfortable with everything! In general though, you don't need overhead shots, just having the camera on the side of the piano so I can see your hands is the most important! :)



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    • Dominic Cheli 


    Just upload your video to youtube and post the video here! :)

    Looking forward to your Rachmaninoff!

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  • Yes, go ahead. I'll try to practice some more pieces like the Mendelssohn rondo capriccioso. I've tried to record it many times but I'm not satisfied with it. 


    Meanwhile, here's another video for you. :-) You can hear it too if you like

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  • Hello Dominic. I couldn´t find a link to the score, so here are the two pages from the book I have.

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  • Dominic Cheli Thanks! Here’s Bach’s BWV 815:

    Please feel free to critique.

    Looking forward to the discussions! 😃



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  • This is exciting! I am looking forward to this! Thank you, Dominic!

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  • What a lovely opportunity you've provided here! Many thanks to to Tonebase team and to you, Dominic. I am trying to talk myself into submitting the Schubert Impromptu in Gb Major, a piece I first learned with a teacher more than 20 years ago and have reworked on my own many times over the years. I'm actually a professional art-rock singer/songwriter/pianist/arranger-producer and sometimes straight-ahead jazz singer/pianist. I've had a fair amount of formal piano training over the years but was not a conservatory student or music major. A lot of my recent "improvements" and technical training come only from listening, imitating, and reading/viewing sources. I'm never intimidated in front of audiences when I do my own thing, but this scene freaks me out a little. 🙂Just putting this out there as public accountability for myself so that I actually make it happen, lol. 

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  • This is a very generous offer, Dominic. Thank you for the opportunity to participate! Here is a recording I made of Kreisler/Rachmaninoff's Liebesleid:


    My score:

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