Problem with fingers' strength

Hello, my name is Neil.

I would like to know if anyone have the problem of not playing for few days (or even one in my case) and then playing the piano and having the sense that the fingers became weaker? 

I told that to my teacher and he told me that he can't help me with that because he doesn't have this problem.

Is there anything I can do?

Physical, medical, or anything else? Because it is very difficult to work like that knowing that if something happen and I won't play for one day, I will go few steps backwards.

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  • We are all supposed to do stretching exercises before we play every day, although I do not.  The reason being that I use a keyboard all day with my computer so my fingers are constantly moving.  Playing the piano is different, of course, but not that different in the actions that are used.  Try using some stretching exercises before you play when you have had a gap in your practising.  Have a look at Penelope Roskell and Seymour Bernstein for warming-up and stretching exercises.  Also, don't forget the old adage - I think it came from Horowitz or Rubinstein and went something like this, "I notice when I haven't practised for a day.  My friends notice when I haven't practised for two days, and the audience notices when I haven't practised for three days. 

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