Hi everyone, 

 I wonder how to find a good piano teacher today. 

How many should I visit before finding the one that will allow me to work on the points I need to work on?

Those that concern me.

Should I pay every first visit without ever having the certainty that this professor will be able to help me?

How do you deal with that fact ? 

The last teacher I had last September completely discouraged me.

In 3 piano lessons I did not play, it was he who played and not me.

Do you find this normal?

I left that teacher. 

I don't understand why it has become so difficult to find a good piano teacher at an affordable price. 

Dominic Cheli , could  you please make a live on the subject ? Would it be possible for you to talk about what a good piano teacher is and how the piano lesson should take place ? Should the first lesson be paid or not ? Since we don't know if the teacher can help where the student needs it? Do you beleive that any piano teacher can help a specific student ? Thank you for your time Dominic! 

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    • Michelle R
    • Michelle_Russell
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    Hi Aline! 

    I'm sorry you had a bad experience with your last teacher. If I remember correctly, you were very excited to have found him. I'm sorry it didn't work out like you had hoped.

    My son began lessons during the pandemic - his lessons have all been online. Even now, he continues online. We live in a very remote place, and while there are teachers here, none of them would work for what his goals are. We have been very happy with his current online teacher (she is in New York - we are on the other side of the country!). 

    I think in-person lessons are better than on-line, but with a good teacher I think online can work very well. Most of the online teachers that I've seen do offer a free trial lesson. You may want to give online a try and see if it would work for you. 

    I understand about the expense of lessons. My son has lessons, but for now I am learning on my own because we cannot afford both of us! But for the teacher to have the qualifications, the piano, the space, and other expenses that teachers have, I think that a good teacher is worth the expense. 

    I wish you luck in finding a teacher who works well for you.

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    • Michelle R 

      Hi Michelle, 


      I just read you! 


      Thank you for your advice. I find a new teacher near my house, two street from me.


      She graduated from Concordia University, here in Montreal,  in classical piano music. 


      I'm going to start piano lessons with her after the holidays.


      I will see at the time if his teaching suits me. 


      His prices are reasonable. 50$ for an hour. 

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