Week 2 Thread: The Era of Haydn and Mozart! 🐴

Welcome to the Main Thread for the third week of "Mozart & Haydn - Music from the 18th Century" challenge! 

This week, we will talk about the different ways composers were trained during the 18th century and how they could achieve such high productivity through schemas and patterns

Look at a different piece by the same composer you are studying and try to compare the music to the new piece you are practicing now.

If you are ready, post a short clip of the patterns you found in your music! One of the ways we grow is through feedback and self-reflection.

Pick a piece from the suggested repertoire according to your level or share any piece written during the 18th century that you have been working on!

If you want to describe your process, feel free to use the following template.

  • Piece(s) you have been working on:
  • Things you found easy:
  • Things you found difficult:

Happy sharing 😍

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  • I did not get much practice this past week as I was under the weather and had little energy. I went ahead and made a video for where I’m at now. The last page is the least secure. I was disappointed that when my tuner came out last week he did not have “grease” with him to fix the squeaking sustain pedal so I am still wincing through every pedal change and it’s distracting as I’m trying to use as little pedal as possible to minimize the squeaks. It is much louder in person than it comes across in the video.

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    • Natalie Peh thank you! :)

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    • Susan Rogers Beautiful playing, Susan! I hope you’re feeling better now! Will you be able to fix the squawking pedal soon? It does not come threw video, but I heard it a little bit and understand it’s distracting. Anyway, you’ve done a great job with this amazing movement!   

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    • Susan Rogers Very nice Susan!  Hope you feel better!

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      • Gail Starr
      • Recently retired MBA (international consumer products/luxury goods/classical music mgt.)
      • Gail_Starr
      • 6 mths ago
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      Susan Rogers You sound wonderful, despite the squeaks.  Good job on phrasing the cadences!

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    • Susan Rogers very beautiful!

      Especially when the melody is sort of interrupted and the left hand only has a few chords (like at the beginning,) try to think that these measures are just part of a larger structure.

      Sometimes, when pieces are so slow and my students seem to get lost in their directionality, I ask them to play these measures a bit faster and then to slow down by trying to maintain that same tension.

      Really nice playing!

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    • Sindre  Yes, I am finally feeling better today - thank you for asking! The tuner was supposed to come back on Monday to fix the pedal but then he canceled so….. I have to call him back. Hopefully soon as it is driving me (and my students I’m sure) crazy! Thank you. :)

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    • Vidhya Bashyam thank you so much!

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    • Gail Starr thank you for the compliment - I focused more on dynamics and shaping than the actual notes! 😂

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    • Antonella Di Giulio thank you so much! Great idea to play it faster in practice. I will try that! 

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      • Juan Carlos Olite
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      • Juan_Carlos
      • 6 mths ago
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      Susan Rogers It sounds beautiful and sentimental, Susan! It is that kind of Mozart sad melodies that surprisingly make us feel good (mysteries of music...).   I am very glad that you are better.

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    • Susan Rogers this is incredibly beautiful, Susan!

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    • Susan Rogers very nice piece, sounds lovely.

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    • Derek McConville thank you! Yes, I am happy this challenge got me to learn this Mozart piece, and now I am working on the first movement also. 

    • Susan Rogers How very lovely! Congratulations- I was so enjoying the sound I didn’t notice the squeaky pedal, hope it is fixed for you now!

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    • Juan Carlos Olite thank you so much

    • Andrea Buckland thank you Andrea!

    • Angela Fogg what a nice compliment - thank you so much! Unfortunately, the tuner came out mid July and did not fix the squeak but is scheduled to come back tomorrow morning to finish the job. Fingers crossed - because I got so annoyed by it that I stopped practicing everything except Bach this last week since it sounds good without pedal! 

  • During week 2 we talked about schemas, patterns and about the rule of the octave. And since Tonebase seems to be up to date with anything people seem interested in and I had just mentioned Dr. Derek Remes- coincidence or not....- you have this: check it out if you have missed it.


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