Randi's Practice

Hello everyone!

I am currently learning Chopin's Prelude #15 in D flat. Such a beautiful piece. I started learning it 4 weeks ago and am pleased with my progress. My teacher has given me the assignment to memorize it over the next 4 weeks (1 page per week). We will then work on voicing, dynamics, etc. This will be my first piece in my practice diary. 

I'm a little torn about what to play for our virtual concert. I played the first movement of Beethoven's Quasi una fantasia, Op. 27, No. 2 (Moonlight) in my first ever recital in December. That is more performance ready than the Chopin will be. I'm open to suggestions. Or maybe I'll just see how the month goes. 

I haven't participated in any TB activities yet. I'm excited (and nervous) to perform for you all. ;)

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  • Beautiful! Cannot wait to hear you! Best of luck. 

  • Here is an attempt at Part A of Chopin's Prelude in D flat. I am playing from memory here (you can see me thinking at times!). I'm pleased with my progress, but clearly have so much to do!

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  • And why does it always feel better than it looks/sounds on video? Is it me or does everyone feel this way?

  • I just realized that I have a conflict for the January Community Challenge. :( I hope there will be more as I really want to get involved!

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  • Even though I can't attend the concert this month, I am continuing to practice (of course I am!). Here is a week's worth of work on Chopin's D flat prelude, part A. The rest is coming along, too!

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