General Live Stream Suggestions! (Megathread)

Hi everyone!

This is Dominic, head of piano live at tonebase!


Let's use this thread as a place for any general live stream suggestions you might have that don't warrant an entirely new thread.

Examples may include:

  • topics we should cover in future live streams
  • new live stream format ideas
  • people we should try to bring on as guests
  • anything else you would like to see on tonebase LIVE!

If you'd rather start a new thread for an individual person or topic suggestion, feel free to do that too!


We will use this thread as a place to centralize suggestions, but feel free to suggested these in individual threads, if you prefer.

Happy posting!

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  • Hi Dominic, my suggestion for a live stream - or a lesson or even a course? - would be on "Playing from (opera) piano vocal scores (piano reductions)". I think this topic correlates a good deal with "sight reading" but goes far deeper: It relates to WHEN and foremost HOW to "fake" or "omit" things, since many piano reductions tend to focus bringing out every voice of the orchestra which makes them imo very hard to play from a pianistical viewpoint. It also relates to the artistry of accompanying singers. It would be just great to have a lesson form an experienced "vocal coach" (Korrepetitor). Thanks and keep up the great work at tonebase.

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    • Marcus Wachsmann This is a great idea. Thanks!!

  • I would really like an in depth investigation about the topic of mental practice. Both at the piano, for example to alleviate overusing your hands as an injury prevention, and away from the piano, for example to be able to learn music faster. And also using mental practice as preparation for live performance. 

    I think there are a lot of interesting ideas to talk about here.

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    • Robert I agree! Thank you for the suggestion!!

  • Hi,

    A big thank you for this amazing site. I am an amateur pianist who is returning to the piano after many years. I would greatly appreciate some lessons on playing double thirds, double sixths and double octaves especially in keys other than C major - fingerings, tips to play legato, tips to speed up etc. I am also struggling with Chromatic scales in double major/minor 3rd/6th. I would love lessons on Rachmaninov's Elegie Op 3 No 1 and The Lark by Glinka/Balakirev as I am currently working on these two. 

    Many thanks!

  • I wonder about tone colors.

    Music pieces have different characters which need to express  with different tone colors. ex. Imitate other instrument sound...also just various tone colors like mozart piano sonata sound  vs Beethoven..

    I wonder how to produce  different tone colors through piano in details.  ex. how to make woodwind sound through piano..

    Also I  wonder how to overcome

    Performance anxiety as many ways as possible.

    Appreciate it

  • Could you show us how to use OBS and Zoom?

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