GENERAL DISCUSSION: Bach Goldberg Variations

Seems like a few of us are interested in taking a deep dive into a few of the amazing Goldberg Variations!


Since we will all be busy with next month's Community Challenge, I was thinking that this project could have a longer timeline.   Perhaps we could even learn a few variations over the winter holidays?


What do you think about everyone learning the Aria and the each member suggests 1 variation for us all to learn? 


So far, I think we have about 5-6 Tonebase friends in this group, so that would be only 5-6  variations so far.  Please tag anyone else who'd like to join this "additional" challenge group!


Warmest regards,



  Monika Tusnady Susan Sindre     Pauline Juan Carlos Olite Genevieve

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    • Hilda Huang
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    • Hilda
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    Hi Friends!!! Gail Starr Thanks Gail for suggesting this discussion - just wanted to bump this thread because it's bach month this month and I'd love to hear you play some of the Goldberge this March.


    PSA - I'm going to be throwing an interactive masterclass later this month, and one of the categories of pieces will be a variation or two from the Goldberg variations. When the invitation to play comes out, please feel free to propose your variations and I'll look through the proposals. The final list of performers will be chosen based on a repertoire combination that will allow me to convey some important points in Bach-performance.


    I'm hoping to work on No. 25, that wonderful aria - Actually I play the Beethoven Diabelli variations too, and the great aria in the Diabellis has so many resonances with Goldbergs 25.

    Looking forward to hearing you all!!



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      • Gail Starr
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      • Gail_Starr
      • 1 yr ago
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      Hilda Huang I can't wait to compare the Goldberg #25 and the Diabelli variation!


      I'm so sorry that I'm not free during the day on March 31.  Maybe you can record the masterclass?


      I've just read through the Goldbergs (I'm late again starting the challenge!) and I'll pick a few to start this evening.


      My main musical activity is playing chamber music, and I have rehearsals next week.  So, I've been spending my time on the Dvorak Op. 81, the Trout and the Archduke.  My group is hoping to do a concert at a lovely museum later this Spring, depending on the museum's schedule.

  • Hi everyone, I’d love to continue with no 25 too - I think this is my favorite piece of music! But would also like to play a few others: no 7, 13, 15, 21, 22, 25

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