Nick Marshall

Sydney, Australia
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Joined: 15 May 2021
Started learning piano around age 5 had some formative technique lessons from the late Igor Hmelnetski....heaps of Hanons drove me crazy. Parents broke up, had a few lessons from mediocre teachers so due to lack of money largely self taught; heard many of the greats on radio, record and concert hall. Went through the silly teenage stage and hardly played for 2-3 years.
Eventually got married, settled in Sydney, and was accepted for some very expensive one on one masterclass lessons from the late Tessa Birnie, a former pupil of Karl Ulrich Schnabel. This was a total turnaround; she inspired me in Schubert, tone production and the necessity of having a better piano, said “you have a facile technique but are bored” She was right!
So here am I years later at old age, still passionate about great music, and yes, I play a number of Beethoven sonatas, much Chopin etc. Worst enemy? Nervousness and stage fright! And cannot memorize well.