Chad Langford

Lille, France
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Joined: 12 Apr 2021
I'm a linguist and a grammarian, and I teach at the University of Lille in the north of France, where I've lived for many years now (I'm from the States). I'm also a dedicated amateur pianist. I was 5 y.o. when I started my first piano lessons, but my mom says I was picking out tunes as soon as could reach the keyboard with my arms. (This may or may not be true!) I was lucky to have a true pedagogue as my first teacher: her lessons had no temporal boundaries and could last hours at a time. I also had a teacher when I was in high school who was extremely demanding and talented, and that paid off. I have no idea what my level is: maybe the lower band of 'Advanced'? I certainly have a lot to learn! But recently I have realized that I can still progress, and that's very exciting. Am very happy to have joined Tonebase.


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