Meet Johannes: Introduction to Brahms 101

November is the month of Brahms here at tonebase! We will be taking a look at his style, personality, technique and more in many of our livestreams this month. We will learn about the people that made an impact on his life and what prompted his compositional development. Today's livestream is an introduction to this genius of a man!


Find the start time in your time zone by clicking the photo or following this event link:                           




We are going to be using this thread to gather suggestions and questions!                                

  • What questions do you have on this topic?
  • Any particular area you would like me to focus on?
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  • Looking forward to this! It will be a great month learning about Brahms! 

    I have some questions: 

    1. What are the pieces (both piano and otherwise) we should listen to and know about Brahms? 

    2. What are some "easier" Brahms pieces I can give to my intermediate students (and enjoy myself)?

    3. It was said about Brahms that he was a successor of Beethoven. In what way where they similar, and what was uniquely Brahms? 


    Hope I can join live, but may be a little late.  

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  • I am really looking forward to this!  I have all of the same questions as Sindre!

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  • Since we in Norway adjusted the clock for winter-time this weekend, the timing for this weeks live sessions appear an hour earlier. So I can't join this week. But I suspect that it鈥檚 back to the usual spot next week, when USA also have turned back time... Anyway, I just watch from the archive :)   

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  • This will be fun . Really enjoying our community challenge this month !

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  • Thank you Dominic for this brilliant introduction to Brahms!! This was exactly the type of stream of was hoping for. And thank you for answering my questions :) 

    Just a comment on the tech issue that someone was commenting on (with getting only half a screen on the bottom in full screen mode): It suddenly started happening using Safari-browser at least a month ago for me. That's why I always use Chrome with Tonebase, and it works perfectly. 

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  • I watched this after the Live Stream and I enjoyed it immensely! Thank you, Dominic! I liked your questions, Sindre!

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