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Always working towards improving my playing.  One of the pieces I am working on is the Mendelssohn’s Rondo Capricioso but the technical challenges of the piece, the continuous pace with sudden changes in mood and the touch/voicing required has been a learning journey for me.


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  • Hi Victor, I might have different editions from yours. From my books, measures 30 and 34, there should be a top note B. I didn't hear the note B from your playing. Not sure if that's edition difference or recording issue.

    • Heng-Pin Chen I checked my score and it is the same.  It’s a voicing issue.  I need to move my hand over more.  Thanks for listening!

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    • Heng-Pin Chen my attempt here at voicing it better.  I still need to work on voicing and sounding cleaner.

  • Slower practice in this section as my timing is often off with the left hand melody with inaccuracies in my right hand arpeggios. 

  • Well done, Victor! It is a challenging piece, good luck with it! Looking forward to hear more :) 

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    • Hilda Huang
    • Concert Pianist and tonebase Piano Community Lead
    • Hilda
    • 1 yr ago
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    Victor Wong Nice work with those double thirds!!! can't wait to hear it continue to develop. 

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  • 1st 4 pages - still some trouble making the opening bars more lyrical, and not rushing after the double 3rds in the presto section.

  • Schubert Moment Musical Op.94 No.3 - I thought I would start on a few bars of a short piece when I have some time in between practising.

  • Chopin Etude in Gb major (Black Keys). I wanted to save this moment when I finally felt the the right weight for my right hand. Lightly, as if my hand is just fluttering while still in contact with the keys.  Anyway, still working to get better control and expression overall.

      • Will Green
      • Mystic/Musician
      • Will_Green
      • 1 yr ago
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      Victor Wong Such a fun etude! Great work!!

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