Public Space for "Becoming an Orchestra" with Daniela Bracchi

In this two-week initiative, we’re moving beyond the black and white of the keyboard and into the colorful spectrum of instrumental timbres.  In week one, you'll hone your skills in spotting orchestral writing in the works of the great composers.  Week two will focus on experimenting with a variety of tones and textures in your own playing to illustrate the qualities of the many varied orchestral instruments.


BYOP: Bring your own Piece! This challenge does not rely on specific repertoire, so feel free to pick any piece that best suits your current abilities. 


Pianists of all levels are welcome. You may choose how much of the piece you would like to work on. It can be a phrase or a page. 


More Detailed instructions coming soon!

  • Sign-Up : Monday January 16th at 10 am PST
  • Course Period: January 23 - February 6


Assignment 1

Supplementary material: Beethoven Sonata Op.10 no.1



Part 2



Overview of Week 1: Spotting orchestral writing in your pieces!

Look out for the following:

1. Bass Octaves

2. Sudden shift of texutre

3. Stems of notes going in different directions

4. Melody in the middle of piano/middle voices?

5. Exact repetition (different instrument playing it?)


Assignment 2

Supplementary material: Beethoven Sonata Op.2 no.3


Part 1


Part 2



Put together a list of 5-10 descriptive words you can use to express the music you are playing. 


Upload a piece or excerpt of your piece where you discuss how you adjust your attack (finger/arm/pedal) to accommodate the instrumentation and expression you chose in video 1. 


Upload an excerpt of your piece where you CHANGE the instrumentation and/or expression and note what conscious changes you made in your attack to do so.  

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